If you wonder how you can achieve the ultimate sense of relaxation at a SPA, stop wondering now. At Crist we have the key to success this. We have many years of experience and by knowing the «secrets» and the techniques for modern and quality production, we have created the Crist Eco Friendly Produced line, that is consisted of linen especially made for SPA use and several accessories.

• Pool towels

• SPA wrap

• Hair ribbon

• Eye mask

• Towel basket

• Shower cap

And because the details are that agent that can make the hotel room and bathroom unique we propose to you a line with accessories of top quality and elegance.

• Fresh from the laundry case

• Laundry bag

• Slippers bag

• Hair dryer bag

• Bag for the pool or the beach

• Newspaper bag

We can embroider on these accessories and also on the ones for spa use the logo of your hotel or a message addressed to your customers. The embroidery is a detail that adds a great deal to the professional image and services that you offer, whilst it will totally lift off the aesthetics of your accommodation.