Crist, with almost half a century of presence in the field of professional bed linen, reintroduces itself through its new range of quality products named Crist Eco Friendly Produced. This line is manufactured according to the latest standards, with high quality yarns that offer guaranteed feeling of relaxation and enjoyment, while being suitable for tough professional use with a long “circle of life” that reduces demonstrably their purchase costs.

By browsing our new collection, automatically you enter into a different world, full of colors, quality materials, innovative ideas and projects. Responsible for the creation of this colorful world is our team of experienced professionals that can foresee the needs of its customers that are increasingly larger, and offer solutions that only a company with the vision of Crist could devise.

With a unique ability to utilize its wide experience and deep knowledge of the market, Crist has developed a diversity that is its big advantage to create and offer specialized products and innovative services with high added value. By this way its customers can really have a real surplus from their choice of bed linen.