Profile &History

Crist is a pioneer and a leader Greek company in the field of hotel and hospital bed linen. Our main focus is the design and production of high standards bed linen and terry as well as bathing and spa accessories.

Crist has successfully equipped hundreds of hotels & hospitals all over Greece and Europe, especially the demanding tourist market of Mykonos and Santorini islands.


Crist has a long history that goes back to 1971. Contemporary and elegant design, high quality fabrics, meticulous sewing and sewing styles that make the company distinguish. The know-how and cutting-edge technology are put in place in the company’s facilities in Athens.


Crist’s full collection includes options for all hotel areas; bedroom, bathroom, dining room, swimming pool and spa. Respectively, there are various collections covering hospitals’ needs.

Today, meeting customer needs is a great challenge in the tourism market. Hotel owners, in their majority, look for products that can improve their hotel’s image and at the same time help them raise their brand awareness.

We accept the challenge of the tourism market

-Crist Bed Linen Industry

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