The future of hospitality will be shaped by those people who will grab the opportunity to creatively use every inch of their available space and to provide their clients with a high quality service.


Excellence is our goal and we achieve it by providing you with a high quality product and customized service. This is the guarantee we give to all professionals and this is why Crist is present in Greece’s most distinct hotels.

Requested designs

& dimensions.


Crist has equipped hotel units with the appropriate professional linen for half a century. It has created a status in linen field in Greece after so many years.


Through the experience we have gained so far Crist offers customers the great combination of quality and cost, covering every need for bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, spa, pool and any other rooms of the hotel units. 

Crist’s professional bed linen will help you achieve building your hotel’s profile image and rank you among the most aesthetic and functional hotel environments.

Crist has a long history that goes back to 1971. Contemporary and elegant design, high quality fabrics, meticulous sewing and sewing styles that make the company distinguish. The know-how and cutting-edge technology are put in place in the company’s facilities in Athens.

We dress-up leading hotels,

since 1971


Olimpias 20,Argiroupoli
164 51, Athens

+30 210 9917 300
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Γ.Ε.Μ.Η.: 87413002000


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