Once a guest walks into a hotel bathroom his eyes will go straight to the towels and the bathrobes. However, the towels and the bathrobes must not only be appealing to the eyes, but also pleasant to the touch. After all, these linen come in direct daily contact with the human body and for this reason they must be manufactured according to the contemporary quality standards.

Knowing that the hotel’s towels and bathrobes undergo strong laundry processes, following the standards of the hospitality industry, at Crist we make sure that our products can endure such usage.

Our goal is to make sure that after every wash, our products will have the look and the feeling as they did when they were first used.

At Crist by combining style and elegance with high quality, we created the Crist Eco Friendly Produced line, and that is a further proof of our commitment to provide quality and suitable products for everyday professional use with a longer circle of life, that reduces the purchase costs for the hotel.

• Towels

• Bathrobes

• Bath mats

• Slippers

• Waterproof shower curtains

are just some of the selected quality products of Crist, that can transform your hotel’s bathroom into a … beauty salon.