Frequently askedquestions

Because cotton is a 100% natural product and it is the most suitable and healthy material for linen since it comes in direct contact with the body, offering a soft and cool feeling without causing allergies.

Because when using it, it has easier use on iron and has a more steam appearance. Just be careful not to iron it wet because this results in the synthetic fibre to be burned and yellowing over time.

By choosing to have an embroidered logo you are instantly upgrading the image of your linen and adding value to your hotel, (accommodation, yacht, etc.). What’s more, if you use external laundry for cleaning, it’s the ideal way of marking.

Because it always stays soft and fluffy giving a pleasant feeling to its user and a satisfied customer will visit you again and again.

Due to the double threading of the towel during weaving, this results in extra strength and durability.

All of our products have washing instructions on them, which if followed, you will enjoy using them beyond the maximum time specified by the manufacturer of the raw materials.

  • When it comes to linen, we need to know the dimensions of the mattress as well as its height. The correct dimension should cover the top surface, the side of the mattress as well as 15-20 cm folding under the mattress to keep it in the right place.
  • For the pillowcase it is essential to know the dimension of your pillow and calculate an extra 5cm per dimension. Depending on the duvet cover, the dimension of the duvet and an additional 5cm.
  • For a tablecloth it is useful to know the dimension of the table and calculate an extra 30cm from each side of the table.