• Obstetrician: White robe.
  • Doctor: White medical robe.
  • Nurse (colors: white, light blue, raf, grey):
    1. Costume design V..
    2. Costume design X.
    3. Costume with lapels and collar (buttons or hidden placket) or with details.
    4. Colored finish (pockets, collar, sleeves)
  • Surgery (colors: green, light blue):
    1. Robe (shirt).
    2. Robe with overlapping back.
    3. Robe with waterproof chest and sleeves + cuffs.
    4. Surgery costume V.
    5. Surgery costume X.
  • Patient: White or light blue patient robe.

The Crist pioneer in the design and production of medical uniforms, offering a wide variety of designs and qualities. The uniforms are made of extremely durable fabrics ideal for tough professional use. Additionally provided is the ability to build your own plan (your sample basis) and indelibly marked with embroidered logo.