Crist wants to help you protect the bed linen of your accommodation and in general any kind of linen that you use. So from time to time we will give you useful tips for the cleaning and the preservation of your linen. For starters here are some tips of general interest.

• Never remove the care labels that have cleaning instructions and the composition of the fabric that are made of. These cleaning instructions are correct, so follow them carefully.

• Do not hesitate to place next to your washing machine a sign with all the symbols that you find on the labels of your clothing or other textiles.

• To preserve clothing and fabrics made from natural fibers in their original form (for example wool, linen or silk), use dry cleaning methods,avoid cleaning with water.

• Avoid using dry cleaning for bed linen and apparels that consist of elastic materials because there is a chance that they get stretched or shrunk. We recommend that you leave these to dry out naturally in the air under shade.

• For the preservation of fabrics used on curtains, tablecloths, sofa covers, etc., we recommend frequent brushing to avoid the accumulation of dust and the discoloration of them.

Crist’s 43 years of experience are waiting in order to show to you our collections with a variety of quality products that will provide both qualitative and economic solutions for every bed linen need of your accommodation.