Summer Holidays

Dear all,

We would like to inform you that Crist goes on vacation and will remain closed from the 8th till the 26th of August 2016.

For your own convenience and better service, please inform in time our sales department for your orders.

Have a lovely vacation !

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Give to your hotel’s bathroom that « luxury touch » it needs

Once a guest walks into a hotel bathroom his eyes will go straight to the towels and the bathrobes. However, the towels and the bathrobes must not only be appealing to the eyes, but also pleasant to the touch. After all, these linen come in direct daily contact with the human body and for this reason they must be manufactured according to the contemporary quality standards.

Knowing that the hotel’s towels and bathrobes undergo strong laundry processes, following the standards of the hospitality industry, at Crist we make sure that our products can endure such usage.

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Bedroom linen signed by Crist

The bedroom is the most private space of a hotel. It is the area where its guests spend most of their time during their staying at the hotel. The ideal bedroom must offer coziness and also affect positively the guest’s mood, by creating a calm and relaxing environment.

Quality bed linen offers beauty and adds a great deal to the aesthetics of the room. It can contribute to the comfortable and warm ambiance of the room and create the feeling of peace and relaxation. All these unconsciously urge the hotel guest to give great importance to the quality of the fabrics that are used for the bed linen because he comes into direct contact with them.

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Small Luxury Hotels – Travel with us in quality ways

Crist, with almost half a century of presence in the field of professional bed linen, reintroduces itself through its new range of quality products named Crist Eco Friendly Produced. This line is manufactured according to the latest standards, with high quality yarns that offer guaranteed feeling of relaxation and enjoyment, while being suitable for tough professional use with a long “circle of life” that reduces demonstrably their purchase costs.

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Crist at Zagorochoria

The picturesque villages of Zagorochoria had the opportunity to enjoy during its annual corporate trip Crist’s employees and their family. Zagorochoria with their magnificent cites and graphic villages along with beautiful traditional houses compose one of the most popular winter destinations at Greece.

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Crist implements its 2015 investment schedule and currently initiates the procedures for the complete renovation of its show room. Soon enough the construction firm that took over this project will present its draft plans for discussion and furthermore for final approval, in order to start the renovation work immediately. dietikon singles…

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