The bedroom is the most private space of a hotel. It is the area where its guests spend most of their time during their staying at the hotel. The ideal bedroom must offer coziness and also affect positively the guest’s mood, by creating a calm and relaxing environment.

Quality bed linen offers beauty and adds a great deal to the aesthetics of the room. It can contribute to the comfortable and warm ambiance of the room and create the feeling of peace and relaxation. All these unconsciously urge the hotel guest to give great importance to the quality of the fabrics that are used for the bed linen because he comes into direct contact with them.

• Bedsheets

• Pillows – pillowcases

• Duvets – duvet covers

• Blankets

• Pillow & mattress protectors

All the above bed linen literally « embrace » the guests.

The bedlinen equipment for a modern hotel business means quality and at Crist by combining our long time knowledge and experience in this area with modern fashion trends, we created the Crist Eco Friendly Produced line. These linen are manufactured according to the latest standards, and are suitable for tough professional use with a long « circle of life » that demonstrably reduce their purchase costs.