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Typical Characteristics - Specifications

If there is one thing that makes a hotel space being differentiated from competition due to its superior quality, is the attention to all the small details.

At Crist, we go way beyond your business basic clothing needs. For that reason we are always capable of providing a unique line of accessories, that combine both top quality and finesse in order to deliver the required touch of diversity.

From our Laundry bags and “Fresh from the Laundry” bags, to sleepers and small or big pouches for towels that can have a knitted message of your choice, we are able to provide unique accessories that will upgrade your’s space elegance and aesthetics.


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Investing in perennial values and pioneering in each step, Crist the linen production company, has drawn an impressive course since 1971 making new standards in professional linen field.
Between the investing plans the company has fulfilled is the applied management system of quality corresponding to ISO 9001:2008. Every product for clinics and hospitals are CE certified.

Crist pioneers once again by adopting environmentally friendly procedures in the whole production process. A photovoltaic park has been set up in the company premises creating the first energy autonomous linen factory in Greece.